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Evidence for a finite universe

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    A short while back, there was talk that the WMAP findings would help cosmologists finds evidence to support the notion of a finite universe. Since finding duplicate images of the same galaxies at several locations in the sky is so difficult, it was hoped that data from WMAP may also provide evidence for such a finite universe. I recall reading something very brief in regards to these findings, but have since lost the link. Has anything come out of this?
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    I just posted a link to WMAP report by Bennet et al
    on the "Poll: How do you picture expanding space?" thread.

    WMAP data has an error bar on a parameter Omega-sub-naught which if it is 1 or less the universe is infinite and if it is strictly greater than 1 the universe is finite

    the error bar goes from 1.00 to 1.04

    for more on that see my post on the other thread
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    Oh, specifically I meant a finite, flat multiply connected universe.
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