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Evidence for Artificial Humor?

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    The top line from the "Search Tag Cloud"

    black holes bleeding carl sagan

    Ok, so I'm easily amused :biggrin:
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    Huh, artificial humour?

    I'm lost to what you mean.
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    You must be really bored. I would recommend browsing through Uncyclopedia:
    http://uncyclopedia.org/wiki/Partial_differential_equation [Broken]
    http://uncyclopedia.org/wiki/ITree [Broken]
    Potentially offensive humour:

    Just a few good articles to recommend. Don't spend too much time reading that site, it can be quite addictive. Sorry for advertising.
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    "black holes bleeding carl sagan ,cell phone closed sets cosmos data earth day falling food fourier series games gardening gcse going green grad graduate harmonic honors hydrostatics lagarias laser cooling magnetic field magnitude math motion multivariable limits norm normed spaces nova phd phillips photography popcorn popular science prize recipes recycling riemann schrodinger science channel solid state physics specification stokes' law t45 tag cloud tongue velocity william wireless"
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