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Evidence for population of Americas by sea?

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    Growing up, I was always led to believe the basic model for human population of the Americas was that they crossed the land bridge on foot, walked through the ''ice free corridor'', and emerging from that, settled the rest of the continent spreading all the while by foot. All of this roughly 15,000 years ago.

    Recently though it seems that this is no longer a consensus view, that instead people may have hopped down the Pacific coast rather quickly in boats.

    Since humans reached Australia in boats quite some time before that, it seems totally feasible that they might have navigated the coast of the Americas in the same way, and would help explain several sites in South America that seem too old to fit into a timeline that has humans walking from Alaska to Peru starting some 15,000 years ago.

    But is there any actual evidence supporting the population of the Americas by sea?
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