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Evil Forum Grows

  1. Dec 6, 2004 #1
    I don't like www.toequest.com/forum but I go there occationally anyway I saw this post

    Can A Toe exist that would not unify GR and QM?
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    Here are some of the categories of the forum

    Can anyone explain to me why a TOE would have anyting remotly to do with afterlife or incorparting any of the other stuff... or am I just being judgmental
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    I say yes, if you mean the UNIFICATION of gravity and the GUT force, on the following basis. From Bojowald's LQG treatment of singularities in GR, we find that it is possible that energy is bleed off into new universes before unification or planck energies are obtained. Thus there is no need to ever incorporate gravity into the GUT force and we in a sense already have a theory for everything that can exist in our universe.

    Of course, LQG does combine GR and QM, and in the above sense it is a TOE, or a model of one: but complete unification of gravity with the other forces of nature may not be necessary.

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    I can't see why this forum has anything worth our time at PF. If you just throw around words and shallow concepts culled from the web, then of course you can combine TOE with religion, or chips and salsa, or anything else. PF as a forum has set its face against that kind of "reasoning" and has taken many hits from the kind of posters who like to bull**** that way. Let them have their fun and let's stick to our guns here.
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    that's rather obvious isn't it? the biggest example is Tipler- Omega Point- etc- a true TOE would establish if our universe will crunch eventually- if it does all worldlines and all the light that has ever been emitted/reflected will eventually converge at that point- and a sufficient technology would be able to use this light to recompute/reconstrunct any past object from it's information- thus resurrecting everyone who ever lived- thus: "afterlife"

    essentially- a TOE would allow one to determine which resurrective/"afterlife" technologies are actually scientifically/technically plausible and not merely fantasy
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