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Evo is sneaky

  1. Sep 17, 2004 #1
    I've noticed that the only way to tell if Evo is online is to count the number of members online and if you see one number less than the number quoted Evo must be there. This is good to know if you are like me and only live for a smile or comment from her.
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    Yes, that would work except there are several members in general discussion that are also invisible.

    You will never be able to tell on a regular basis which member is the "invisible" one.

    Muaahaaahaaa! :biggrin:
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    since you are the only person I ever think about, I'll just consider the invisible member to be you. that way I'll always be happy because I'll think you are near.
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    It's nice to feel wanted. I'm having a really bad day. Rumor at work is that they're planning to take our freedom to work flexible hours away (no more sleeping until noon and then dragging into the office reeking of alcohol). :cry:

    I am NOT a morning person. There is no way I can make it into the office every day by 9am. :frown: I will be fired, then I will become homeless. :cry:
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    believe me it sucks to be homeless. I've been there. on the other hand and, forgive the alcohol fumes, if you EVER find yourself in need just ask. I don't make a ton of money, but I also don't need a ton of money. I promise I will keep you off the streets, even if I have to take to the streets myself.
    You will have to sleep with me, lol, but I am good in bed so it won't be too much of a sacrifice.
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