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Evo - please explain

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    Feel free to delete this but send me a messae explaining. I'm sure you read my last post that was deleted. I have tried sending a message but your "inbox" is full. I simply want to know your logic for locking the forum before asking me to stay on topic. I would've done so. I would've continued to read your forums but this rubs me so bad that it makes me want to avoid. I've read quite a bit on here and have enjoyed and I simply don't understand the tone of your comment and then the locking. At least be polite!!
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    kennyb, can I make a suggestion? If the forum rules are unclear to you, go to the "Staff" tab at the top of the forum. Find a mentor who is currently online, and contact that person (i.e., send a Private Message) with your questions. I'm sure any of them would be happy clarify the rules or to give you guidance.
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    did you read the post that I left? it was my first one and to be honest, i did not read the T&C's when I registered. I don't know if it said to avoid religion but if you read the post, I felt I had good points that dealt with current questions that have to be had in science today. if they avoid those questions then they're being irresponsible I would think. There was 20-something comments total and it all seemed fine. I was actually kind of excited to have people commenting, even if we do disagree. I just didn't get it. If I was unable to keep up without talking about religion I could've stopped on my own rather than be locked out. I don't see what rules i broke unless it's completely off limits to discuss religion??? if it is I apologize but a simple hint at what I was doing wrong would've been all that was needed. I'll quit stirring stuff up but it was just upsetting. I've cooled off now.
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    "...to be honest, i did not read the T&C's when I registered I don't know if it said to avoid religion ..."

    It does. Religion is a verboten topic.

    Time and time again, PF has found that there is absolutely no point in going down this road. Religion is too subjective for a discussion. For this reason, there is no point in warning you or redirecting you. The thread is doomed.

    You can discuss religion to your heart's content anywhere else you want. It's just that this isn't the forum to do it.
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    Moved to feedback...
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    Please don't make stuff up, it doesn't help your case.

    My post

    I said it all in my post explaining why the thread was being locked.

    It has been repeatedly explained to you why you and your religious beliefs are wrong.

    You don't appear to be open to learning about the science behind evolution, you just keep repeating the same religion based beliefs. Debating science with religion doesn't fly here. You've come to the wrong forum if that is your intent.

    Moonbear gave you an excellent explanation (as did many others) that you chose to ignore.

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    If you don't read the terms and conditions and claim you did when you registered (one of the requirements for your account to be made) and your thread is locked for violating those terms, you'll find no sympathy from anyone here. The fact that anyone is even taking time to explain this to you and not simply locking and deleting the thread is a privilege that few people ever really get.
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    Now you've had your explanation (again) this thread is done. We do not discuss individual incidents in the forums.
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