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Evo- Question

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    Evo-- Question

    I think I read somewhere -- don't ask me where-- that your avatar is a picture of your daughter. I was wondering if this was true or if it ws my imagination-- also if it is true-- Does she like physics lol-- I am 17 and figured the picture looked at least 5 years in the range (on the older side) but then again i could be comepletly wrong
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    Yes, that is my daughter and she is 16. She is very smart, all honors and AP classes. She's not into physics though. She is deciding between law & psychology right now. She's tops in forensic debate in the state, so law would be a natural for her, although she would do well in psychology.

    Her sister is a talented artist and as soon as she gets me some of her drawings, I will post them.
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    Wow. Pretty and smart. Must be taking after her mother :smile: .
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    It's actually pretty hard to tell the difference between the Evo picture and Evo Jr. picture. They look an awful lot alike to me.
    hmm.... I wonder if Evo had herself cloned...?
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    I am still waiting to see the change but I can never tell when Evo is on because the little green light doesn't try on anymore. :frown:

    The Bob (2004 ©)
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    Evo has magical powers that she uses to keep her green light off.

    And she's much too busy working...
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    Yer, I know. :frown:

    The Bob (2004 ©)
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    i honestly thought that picture was of you Evo! :blushing:
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    It's never too late to become what you should have been

    -George Elliot
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    Does AP and Honor classes in America account for smart? American grade school is usually pretty easy, and even with AP classes, wouldn't be harder than what is taught regularly in other countries like France or China.

    Not that I'm saying the Ottowa school system or Canadian school system is better, because it's just as easy if not easier. I'm just saying that the Quebec system is better.
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    I would say American schools are much easier than schools in most other countries.
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    Depends on what you do

    normal school is a joke, but i like the math and science center I go to
    I was lucky ennough to visit one of the top boarding schools in England when i went over there to give my lecture on TOE

    thats fun she does forensics-- I did it the last 2 years, didn't take it too seriously as it was very umm unique. I did surprisingly make it to states for Impromptu-- an event where you are given an editorial about a topic say Civic Infastructure then you have to read it in about 30 seconds and start talking within about that time and ur speach must last 6 minutes

    what event does she do-
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    Seems to be clear to me
  15. Sep 3, 2004 #14
    As far as I can tell, they indeed look like very beautiful woman. Since they are doubtlesly also very intelligent, this demonstrate that they can't exist. :surprised

    Sorry. :blushing: Within this theory, I would probably be one of the most beautiful person in this forum :tongue:
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    hahah thats great

    Hey Evo whats ur daughters email or aim
    It would be fun to talk to her about you sometime

    also you ever going to tell me what event she does in forensics
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    I will ask her if she's willing for me to give you her info. She's rarely online anymore, I rarely see her since she got her car when she turned 16. :frown:

    From the debates I've been to (I got voluntered to be a debate judge) the topics vary by level. At her school there are two people to a team. They are given a topic and they have to be prepared to argue for or against it.

    I will try to remember tonight to ask her to explain more to me.
  18. Sep 3, 2004 #17
    What is it with Americans and rushing to get their license at 16? Most of them can hardly drive, a reason why they get into so many damn accidents.

    In parts of Europe and Asia, you don't get your license 'till 18 and I wish that was the law in North America.

    I'm tired of seeing 16 and 17 year olds flying down the road when they have no clue about how little driving skill they have.

    I've seen 17 year olds drive to their neighbor's house. Bicycles and the public transit become non-existant to North American high schoolers once they get that license.
  19. Sep 4, 2004 #18
    oh debate and forensics are two seperate programs
    in forensics you particpate in particular "events" as opposed to policy debate which it sounds like she does as opposed to congress

    they all count towards NFL though
  20. Sep 4, 2004 #19


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    My daughter says yes, you are correct, she is in policy debate.
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  21. Sep 4, 2004 #20
    So she is probably a junior this year, anyway did she say if i could have her sn or email yet?

    lol this is weird talking to a mom on physics forum about her daughter
    but it should be better to talk to the taughter about the mom on aim
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