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Evolution caused the afterlife

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    let me start at the begining

    evolution is the process of species to continue survival so here came along single celled organisims, multi celled organisims then down the line came humans. with humans evolution took a larger new step, a second being inside a material one that comprehends the higher dimensions so when a human dies its (spirit) lives on further but in higher dimensions.

    what do you think?
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    intresting, maybe u will find out someday =D
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    Ever read the Space Odyssey series by Arthur C. Clarke? The beings in question developed a method to transfer their consciousness into machines so as to avoid the inevitable death of the organic body. Eventually, they developed a way to transfer their consciousness into the fabric of space itself, or the "interstices of space," as Clarke calls it, thus achieving immortality. Very interesting books - makes me wonder if such a thing is actually possible.
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    Well...whether the afterlife "evolved" out of evolution is quite an interesting theory.

    Every living organism has an ectoplasm (or bioplasm for the strict sceptic). This ectoplasm is generally regarded as the "afterlife". Like the DNA strands that contain a whole blueprint of yourself, the ectoplasm supposedly contains a similar mechanism.

    But for such a mutation to have occured, it is necessary to actually extrude "energy" from the living body, i.e: each cell must sacrifice some of its energy to be radiated as particles of some nature (NOT HEAT) for this ectoplasm to exist.

    This brings me to the point about Krillian photography. I'm unable to provide a link to this right now...but hopefully I'll get one. This has actually proved the existance of an ectoplasm or "aura" or "chi".

    [OFFTOPIC] Now you know how elemental magic works [/OFFTOPIC]

    Any (counter) statements?
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    You'd have to find an ectoplasm that survives the death of the body, and is conscious of its survival, to constitute an afterlife. Of course all living things project energy fields, but does this stay around when the physical matter creating the energy ceases to do so? This seems a fairly weak avenue to investigate.
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    Well normally it does linger around for a while and then disappear.

    A famous experiment involving Krillian photography showed that a cat's photograph (Krillian) taken just after its limbs were amputated still showed the ectoplasm around the area where the limb should have been. It did disappear after a few minutes but it could be possible that some sort of anomaly could actually sustain the ectoplasm (for e.g: another biological host)

    I could go on about ectoplasm and paranormal activity....but I guess it would really be out of topic.

    The Vipster
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    hey vipster krillian sounds quirky, plz explain. wat is it?
    wat does it photograph??
    aura? energy??
    where on the emr spectrum does this fit.??? :confused: :rofl: :confused:
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    Correct me if I'm wrong , but I think it's actually called kirlian photography after semyon kirlian a russian inventor.. Supposedly it can capture an aura or leftover energy pattern. :eek:
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    Hello Taylordnz,

    If one does take into account the ethereal reality of a spirit. Than the "afterlife" as it stands could be considered as the Alpha reality that pre-existed this Omega reality of physicality.

    Although it is all relative depending on the awareness of a being (organism) to be tuned into such occurrences.
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    From the website:
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    Tipler's Omega Point theory
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    This is absurd. Here's the argument "I think this sounds cool and would make for a good Sci-Fi novel so I think its true. But no I don't have any proof and no I can't explain why I think this is so other that it sounds good."
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    I think taylor was just messing around with an idea, Nico. He didn't indicate that he actually believed it, and well, I hope he doesn't.
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    After life is a matter of creationism and therefore believing in the existence of God.

    Evolution is totally different, it's interesting to read some of your comments, especially those thinking that evolution is the main cause for the after life theory.

    Before wondering if what you're saying is possibly true, consider this:

    What caused evolution in the first place? Science? what caused science? God? What caused God?

    It's infinite...
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    huh? The notion of "after life" does not necessarily imply Creationism or God ... I don't understand. But nevertheless, if you think the assertions are absurd then I agree with you anyway.
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    The notion of the after life has always been related to creationism and God.
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    It doesn't really matter but that is an erroneous generaliztion. Its wrong, but alright. I don't think "after life" is very meaningful anyway so I will just concede.
  19. Jun 22, 2004 #18


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    The person who started this thread formulated a concept of an afterlife that does not require creationism or God. There. That's the end of the discussion.
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    In which even without the concept of creationism and God doesn't make any sense.

    Evolution creating the after life???

    Nico, it's not about winning or conceding, I'm expressing my views while you're expressing yours, I very much enjoy looking at other peoples views and have a conversation from there. I'm not here to create any insults.

    I'm sorry if you feel that way. I have no intention of doing such thing.
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