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Evolution Is True?

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    Hello Guys
    I'm not an expert in biology and do not know anything about
    I have some questions about evolution
    Is evolution fact and scientifically proven?
    And is there of biologists who say that evolution is wrong?
    Thank You
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    Yes evolution is a fact. There are mountains of evidence supporting it.

    There are still open questions about the subtle details of evolutionary theory, but the general premise of evolution is about as solid as gravity.

    If you're interested you might want to pick up a copy of: https://www.amazon.com/The-Greatest-Show-Earth-Evolution/dp/1416594795.
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    There are fruitcakes in all walks of life and there is no reason to think that biology is free from it, so very likely there are a handful of nut cases who think evolution is wrong despite the overwhelming evidence that it is correct.
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    Thank you so much :smile:
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    Thank you for this info sir :)
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    In science we don't care for facts. Facts are a dime in a dozen and nothing special.

    What is cared about are models that describe reality and have predictive power. The theory of evolution has exactly that, though it cannot predict and explain everything.

    There's probably biologists out there that don't value the theory of evolution at all, but that by itself means nothing.

    I don't think your question was well worded. Does this really satisfy your curiousity? So people told you that yes, the expects consider it 'fact'.
    If I had problems with the way I understand how theory of evolution explains certain things, I wouldn't be happy until I had resolved that issue.
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    Uh, who is this "we" you speak of? Theories/models are based on facts so your statement seems self-contradictory.
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    D H

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    Regarding your latter question, there are professional physicists who completely reject relativity theory, professional astronomers who completely reject the concept of an expanding universe, professional geologists who completely reject plate tectonics. And of course there are professional biologists who completely reject evolution. Those one out a thousand naysayers are all wrong.

    Regarding your first question, you ask too much. There is no such thing as a scientific theory that has been proven to be true. Science doesn't work that way. A good scientific theory is consistent with observed facts relevant to the theory, is able to make testable predictions, and is consistent with the results of those tests. None of that proves the theory to be true.

    That said, the theory of evolution does all of that. It is one of the best scientific theories humankind has ever developed.
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    Theories are based on many facts.

    Not all facts are good facts. A fact is just one datapoint. In itself it means nothing. Fact if the lowest level of knowledge in science. The are like opinions; everyone has one and they are all over the place.

    You use facts to support theories, not theories to support facts. This shows which one trumps the other.

    Creation is a fact. Life gets created and designed every day. Means nothing in itself.
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    Which is WAY different than what you said previously, that I was responding to ("In science we don't care for facts")
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    Don't see how you can say that.
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    This thread has already been answered and is now going downhill.
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