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Evolution of Humans

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    We all know Darwin's theory of how humans were once little monkeys running around, hitting other with sticks, but what about what humans will become?

    Some people have "psi power". Like control fire, look anywhere on earth, move objects with their minds. Is that what humans are going to become?Your great-great...grandchildren will be able to control the enviroment with their minds, right? Soon humans will be able to travel to higher dimensions and meet God, right (One theory of God is that he is in a higher dimension, where you can control and create anything in the lower dimensions).

    What are you humans going to become?
    You just evolve for now, you will need it soon, very soon. Six years in fact, 2010, 12th month. I won't talk about that subject right now, just research my name to find out what I am talking about, that might help.
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    I bet you really like the X-Men, don't you?

    As far as we can tell, evolution is not a process open to prognostication. Humans fit the environmental niche that they occupy very well and are easily the most successful single species that has ever existed. We can live virtually anywhere on the planet and not be subjected to the normal vigors of natural life that all other species must endure. If humans ever evolve into a new species, it won't be any time soon, and there is really no foretelling what the particular environmental pressures will be that cause it to happen so far off in the future. Furthermore, given the completely random nature of gene mutation, there is just no way to know what kinds of new alleles will arise, much less whether or not they will proliferate.
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    Sounds interesting, care to provide proof of this? Seems like if someone could actually control fire or look anywhere on earth, that it would have stood up to repeated random tests of differing circumstances, and that it would be widely accepted, and this person would be a global celebrity, but somehow, I missed out on these individuals.

    Or perhaps the govt. kidnapped them and is using them for secret plans? Do you think they're for good or evil? Maybe a Captain America type, or maybe Comrade Red...

    Was Comrade Red Captain America's main enemy, or am I off in my comic-book knowledge...
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    One big step we've overcome as a species is the ability to not respond to insults with our fists but see it for the misdirected anger it is, well almost.
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    No, I don't think I'll bother to "research" your name- I haven't found anything here that gives me any confidence in you.

    In the first place, Darwin's theory does NOT say "we were once little monkeys running around, hitting other with sticks". It says that both humans and monkeys evolved from some common ancestor- that's quite a different matter. And since modern monkeys do not "run around, hitting each other with sticks", I doubt that our common ancestors did!

    More to the point, there is NO evidence that "Some people have "psi power". Like control fire, look anywhere on earth, move objects with their minds." In fact, those powers that you mention violate some pretty basic laws of physics.
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    jimmy p

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    Maybe this thread should be torn apart in Skeptism and Debunking :tongue2:

    psi powers.... :rofl:
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    Maybe we could have a standard IQ test that one must past before posting here.. Say, anyone above 57 could get in.

    This excludes Forrest Gump and the original poster.
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    its pass, not "past", ur IQ just dropped 3 points :eek: lets hope your still above 57
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    What you said told me that you are completely ignorant of evolution, and people above already pointed out...
    I spent a couple of times comeing to read what members shared their ideas about aging researches, which I admit I like that question!
    I don't know if the old who are completely out of place have that much time to play hike and seek with children or if they dare to look at themselves in their mirrors to see how sick and how old they are!, I don't know actually!

    Women use cereals, actors use cereals, lesbians, gays use cereals...But I always take it for granted that whores use cereals much more than anyone else does when they have to go sleep with customers!. Thats an example anyway explained for the fact that they like to be looked much younger perhaps around 25 or 26 or in unlucky cases which those cereal used are unable to give any good effects, around 36!

    If you are still wondering about what humans are going to become, try posting back a more particular question.
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    What old people have is a long lifetime of experiences and learning to get them over the silly pretty-body worship that afflicts young folks. What you look like in the mirror is the least of all possible facts about you. And yes; I play hide and seek and other games with my granddaughter.
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    Ha! Adjoint, you're just jealous of us good-looking youngsters.
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    If you're going to criticize someone’s spelling, you should probably use proper spelling/grammar as well. Your sentence should have read like this:

    Its pass, not "past", your IQ just dropped 3 points :eek: lets hope youre still above 57.
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    I don't get it. In Norse mythology Yggdrasil is a large birch tree. And the location you post Ginnungagap is "seeming emptiness", also in Norse mythology.

    What does Norse mythology have to do with evolution?
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    MeH, what yo look like in your mirror ?

    Me? Nec look like a sheetty monk3y (from IndoChina)! i intened to post a porn pic of mine if i am allowd -100% nude harcore-, poeple call me Mighty Bicep, not no how to use monk3y langugea more correcly, so only dumb plain sentences, my English mixed with Japanes, bcos im in jap long, bout 6" or 5.9" ...uhmm i measure count correctly, heh

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    Guess she only needs 2 to get a feel :D
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    Well I've been dieting hard and working out to lose weight. A year ago I had this big belly and it is now shrunken, but still there. I'm bald, started balding in high school, and I decided to grow a little beard to save my face from shaving. With the flabby skin on my torso where the fat used to be, and the bald head and the beard, I'm quite a sketch.
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    Your rhetoric sounds good, but people here are ALL slow, and I am myself quite BLIND,
    My body doesn't develop as well as yours--i means my health is not good, I feel shameful if it is known to many people about the fact that I sometimes lick my face whenever I look at it in the mirror, and observe my saliva runs down on it...long, long and slowly !

    Because I find the thread is far from OP's main ideas, I'd like to ask for a stop right here!
    or if there are any more ideas on the evolution relating to OP, go on!
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    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:
  19. Oct 30, 2008 #18
    Re: Evoultion of Humans

    Well because one of the "10 characteristics of life" is to evolve we must over come such things as cancer, if we don't our population will be greatly reduced. Our lungs will have to evolve to handle the chemicals we let out in the air. there are many things that humans will have to acomplish to adapt to the world around us. But these processes take hundreds of thousnands of year if not millions. So the evoultion of mankind can't be related to super powers; why do we need those? What will being able to fly or walk threw walls have to do with curing our bodies? Just a little idea for yggdrasil.
  20. Nov 4, 2008 #19
    Aren't insects the single most important subphylum/class that has every existed?
  21. Nov 4, 2008 #20


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    Bacteria are the only kingdom that matter - everything else is just carrying the bacteria around and can only exist because of the bacteria they contain.
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