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Evolution of wolves to dogs.

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    It's commonly stated that all dogs are descended of wolves, and that it took anywhere from 20-50,000 years for a wolf to evolve into a shit-zu, yet it took hundreds of thousands of years for homo erectus to evolve into homo sapien...

    Someone explain this...
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    It is easy. Human evolution took longer because it follow a more natural course of event. The dog evolution was faster because their evolution was done by artificial selection. For example, to get a small dog you only breed the smallest dog together untill you obtain the size you want. So it took less generation to obtain specific characteristic than human. Also, in term of year, a dog generation time is also smaller than human. 3-10 years for dogs and 15-25 years for human.
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    Oh man, I cannot believe i overlooked the difference in generation time, I feel really stupid now...
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