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News Ex-chairwoman of HP Indicted!

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    Ex-Leader of H.P. Is Charged in California
    I am a bit surprised this didn't come up. Apparently individuals from some of the investigating companies misrepresented themselves to phone companies and obtained detailed phone records and personal information about various reporters and some HP executives.

    Some of the phone companies are suing the investigating companies, and people they call 'pretexters'.

    If you're not worried about government surveillance because its the government, just remember that people leave government with knowledge about surveillance, and they may go into business themselves with that knowledge. With outsourcing of such work, no telling where or how one's personal information will be used.
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    Pretext me once, shame on you. Pretext me twice, shame on me.

    Or after reading all this HP stuff, Pretext me once, shame on me.
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    :yuck: :blushing:

    This is not what Bill and Dave had in mind for their company.. What a shame. :confused: This simple fact is Carly killed and buried Hewlett Packard. HP is not the same and never will be again.

    Within the last few months Upper Management had a wonderful DVD made and distributed to every employee. It contained a short documentary on the history of the company. Including many scenes with Bill and/or Dave discussing their ideas on how a company should be ran. Integrity was a keystone... Did the board watch this? I think not.
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    This was exactly the concern that Bill and Dave had in the buyouts, and with the merger with Compaq, the HP would become just another corporate juggernaut. There concerns have been realized.

    It seems that most CEOs are made of the same cloth as the politicians in Congress. :yuck:

    I still have my HP-41CX. I love it! It goes everywhere with me and is always close by. :biggrin:
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