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Exact definitions of BEC for real gases-liquids?

  1. Aug 30, 2008 #1
    While reading papers on various topics in physics i have become very embarrassed with the meaning of such a word as BEC.
    Even in peer-reviewed papers i can't find any attempt to give exact definition of BEC for real gases.
    For such topics as:
    Electron (pair-ed, superfluid) gas, 2D (!!!!!! do you know about 2D BEC?) (superconducting "pair-ed") electron gas, atomic nucleus, pion condensation, real 4He...

    As everybody knows BEC is the effect of ideal bose gas, and i guess BEC must be clarified when this term is applied to real gases (liquids!!!).
    What will happen with BEC if we consider (only!!!) the mass of container with ideal bose gas and give the container freedom to rotate and move? Or vibrate...

    What will be with this container (for example cube container), if we take Andronikashvili-like experiment with "BEC" inside it?

    My question is:
    How many "exact" definitions of BEC for real gases do exist?
    Especially for gases with hard core potentials or strong interacting gases.

    Let us collect such definitions here and discuss them.
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