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Exact distance?

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    How long is the term "far"

    If the Star Wars galaxy is 2far away, then there most be some sort of definition of far.

    Also how much time is "long ago" I mean the New Republic has most likely turned into an empire again and there are rebels rebelling against the original rebels, but it would still be nice to know if I am able to make the trip or not.

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    I think "far" is defined as exactly 4,786,923.12232 million light years away. And "long ago" is defined as exactly 7,844,123.45335 years ago.
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    Far is relative. If you drive a car 5 miles, that's not far. But if you walk 5 miles, that is far. And it gets even more relative: If the car is poorly running, than 5 miles is far.

    You know, I thought about this long ago.
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