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Exact Sin calculus

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    While computer programming Us encountered problem of exact calculus of trigonometry funcs.
    As is well known, all calculators and comp progs do x for Sin
    and x^2/2 for Cos on 0..Pi/2 and so on. It seems insufficient.
    While solving - next problem:
    trigon func definition without triangle.
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    I'm sorry, but this doesn't make a lot of sense. Can you explain it better?
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    I think you may be thinking of how a calculator/computer generates the sin/cosine of a number.
    They will use several terms to calculate the value.
    I don't think it will be the first few terms of a Taylor series for the function - the convergence is likely to be too slow. The only case I recall is the sine function in the Fortran library for a Univac 1108. This used a fifth degree expression in x2 - I don't remember the coefficients.
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    This article describes one basic algorithm which can be used to calculate trigonometric and hyperbolic functions on relatively primitive computers:


    Many of the processors nowadays have microcode for calculating trig functions built into the CPU itself.
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