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Exact solutions of Einstein's field equations

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    How many have been found, and can you describe them (at least the most significant) in the format provided us below?
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    A great start! Thanks.
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    Nommos' (Dogon), what a fantasic resource!

    Loren, I found your essays hard to understand, but I'll be back!
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    Perhaps a warning should be posted here: computer algebra is sometimes wrong. Sometimes eyeballing computer algebra results does not catch errors.
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    Nommos Prime (Dogon),

    I found the paper outandbeyond2004 recommended more on my scale of understanding, one of the few dissertations on the web that addresses exact solutions of Einstein's field equations directly and in an elementary way.

    I am flattered that both of you would peruse my website - if only half of it were correct, how wonderful I would feel! It is an ongoing and evolving project, of course, under periodic revision.
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