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Exactly Where is Our Universe?

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    One of the theories of for the origin of the Big Bang is that within The Bulk two branes touched, setting off the Big Bang. Where does that leave our universe or multiverse of which we are one of the 10^500?

    Are we contained in one of the branes while another wholly separate universe or multiverse is perhaps within the other brane?

    Or is our universe/multiverse now existing between the two branes and not a part of either? Or is there a connection to one or both branes?
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    Unfortunately, multiverse theories are horribly speculative and completely lacking in any kind of evidence at this time, so the only thing anyone can say is that we simply don't know. The only evidence we have at this time is of just one universe. However, if you are asking about the mathematical model you are talking about, that may answer your questions, but unfortunately I've never looked into any multiverse theories very hard, so the one you are talking about is not familiar to me.
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