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Homework Help: Exam in 2 days, need help with concepts

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    I know, I'm not using the template but that's because I'm beyond that. I need help with key concepts because my professor is not adequate. I'm struggling on my homework which is really bad because I have an exam in 2 days. Is there anyway that someone could talk to me over a mic and help me through 6 problems. It's calc based physics and it's only on the first 5 chapters so it shouldn't be hard to explain.
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    Welcome to Physics Forums.

    In all honesty you would probably be best asking your professor, or another member of the teaching staff, for help. If you don't want to do this, perhaps a friend who is confident with the subject matter would be willing to help you.

    We do not have the facilities here necessary for voice conversations, we are after all only a forum.

    Just out of interest, why do you say that your Professor is inadequate?
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    well, to call him inadequate was probably too harsh. I'm still in highschool but I'm going to a college class for physics. this means that I don't get to walk in to his office whenever I want and I don't have many connections with students in the class. I don't have much help.

    Plus, I'm used to a smaller learning environment and this is an intro course so it's big.

    I know this is just a forum but I was hoping someone would have MSN or something.

    Should I just post one question at a time?
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    It's good to see that you have such a keen interest in Physics to be taking extra classes. I know it's a little late now, but for future reference the majority of lecturers are willing to offer help or answers questions via e-mail in my experience.
    You can do if you like, but I will warn you that we are scheduled for a server move later this today, which means that the site will likely be down for at least 24 hours and will quite probably be down longer.

    If you still want to post your questions, you're more than welcome to and I'm sure everyone will do their best to help you out. I know you've got six questions that are all related, but it's usually best to post them in separate threads.
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    thank you for your help.
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