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Exam nerves

  1. May 17, 2005 #1
    I've got an exam tomorrow and I'm scared. :cry: It's a practical and I've never done one before under exam conditions. I'm worried I'm going to knock everything over or forget where I am and start talking to people or something else dumb like that. I've got butterflies in my tummy. How does everyone cope with exam nerves?
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    It depends.... got any spare needles? lol jk. I never get worried about tests. Your probably going to do as well as you think your going to do (or at least you need to bash that idea into your brain). Just remember that its just one of many tests in your life and in the end, all tests are insignificant because we're all as insignificant as humans to the universe and soon, a comet shall hit earth vaporizing all of us. That being said, exams shouldnt be a worrisome ordeal.
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    I never ever get nervous about exams. It's really stupid, I end up thinking "ahh it'll be fine!" and never putting any pressure on myself, which usually ends up in the form of pretty poor results. I'm chilled out all through exams, and then when it comes to results day I brick my pants.

    I'd be happy to swap you ic, if you can find a way of making me nervous*! What exams you got anyway?

    * - I now realise I've set Danger up for a comment involving gerbils and superglue, so thought I'd add this to take the wind, urm, out of his sails.
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    I have an exam tomorrow too. And it's history! Not one of my favorite subjects. The teacher drones on in a monotone voice and spends a lot of effort to make a simple statement. Then when someone asks a quetion she gets upset. I think she loses her place in her speeches.

    I had an exam yesterday too. It was an oral presentation and I got nervous and totally blew it. :cry: Nothing I can do about that now. I just hope the teacher likes my paper.

    I don't know how to help you stop worrying. I'm not very good at that myself. Maybe just don't be afraid if you knock things over. Do the best you can.
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    It's an A/S physics practical so I guess it should be straight forward enough. I'm like you though, I never goddamn revise or anything, then when it comes to doing the exams I revise like hell the night before and get in a panic and end up throwing all my books and stuff across the room at three in the morning bitterly screaming 'I don't care what I get anyway!!' I usually do alright though. I'm pretty sure I'll pass (knock on wood. I can't find any!! I'm going to fail!! Oh, here's some) I should stop stressing and go to bed. I'll just read a little more about uncertainty...
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    AS Physics practical?! Piece of piss ic! I remember doing mine. The lab tech was interested in my guitar so spent the whole afternoon fetching and carrying for me, I had my own personal slave! Good luck anyway, let us know how it goes.
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    If you enjoy labs, then practicals are the best exams, because you don't have to just sit still and answer a bunch of written questions, you actually get to move around the room and look at stuff! You shouldn't have any problems getting lost...they aren't testing whether you can run through a maze, everything should be orderly and you just keep track of where the person ahead of you is and when it's time to move, just go where they were last. Just double check your numbers on your answer sheet that you're answering in the right space for the station you're at. You're not going to knock stuff over, and if you do, it's someone else's job to fix it. :biggrin: The first time taking a practical exam leads to more jitters than usual just because it's a new style of exam and there's more uncertainty of what to expect. Just try to remember if you have to keep getting up and moving around, you don't have to worry about falling asleep in the exam. :wink:
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    If I don't go to bed now, I might sleep through it! Thanks for all your advice, I'll let you know how it goes.... (shudder)
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    Good Luck!
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    That particular combination never occurred to me. Makes one wonder just what you do with your spare time. If I wanted to make you nervous, I'd sew you into a sheep suit and drop you in Artman's yard. :biggrin:
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    All done and dusted. It wasn't so bad. Actually, it was pretty fun. I had to drop a tub of water and then snap strings. My experiment results came out ok and I don't think I made any fatal flaws (touch wood... Where's it gone!!! Aaaarrrgh! I'm going to fail!!!! Oh, here's some.)
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    It's going to get even better next time!
    Now you know that it isn't too bad after all.
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