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Homework Help: Examine the limit

  1. May 12, 2006 #1
    Last Question I Promise!
    It says given the function (sq root x^2-x)/x-x^2 find the intervals in which it is defined and examine the particular limit. lim x-> 1+ (sq root x^2-x)/x-x^2 Well I found the intervals to be, -infinity<x<0 and 1<x<infinity. So to examine the limit tried plugging in 1+, but you get 0, so then I thought ok rearrange the function.
    I tried multiplying by the conjugate and got confused, im not sure thats the right method since you just end up with (x^2-x)/(x-x^2)(sq root x^2-x).. then you can make the numerator -(x^2-x) and cancel it out with the denominator and your left with 1/(sqroot x^2-x) which is still 1/0... Any suggestions whut I am doing wrong? Thanks Again!
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    That looks right. In this case, the limit is undefined (or infinity).
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