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Example of centrifugal force

  1. Jul 14, 2015 #1
    As the potter shapes the mud vessel on his wheel, the wheel applies centrifugal force on the clay.So against this centrifugal force the potter shapes the vessel. Could this be an example of centrifugal force?
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    The wheel exerts an inwards centripetal force on the mass of the clay. The potter's hands exert an additional inwards force that deforms and shapes the clay.
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    If you mean the inertial centrifugal force, then no. Inertial forces aren't applied by anything. The inertial centrifugal force is assumed to act in the rotating reference frame, but not in the inertial frame.

    In the rotating reference frame you might say so.
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    Centri-fugal: quickly from center, to flee or run away from the center. an outward force

    Centri-piedal: center walk, to walk to the center. an inward force
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    There is an outward ("centrifugal") force of the clay on the potter's hands, as the potter is pushing the clay inward. It's the same for the clothes in a centrifuge, as they push against the drum in reaction to the centripetal acceleration.
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