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I Examples of emergence?

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    For a school project, I've got to choose a subject. I chose "Emergence", but I have to narrow it down a little bit.
    So, that's why I'm creating this topic.

    The definition of emergence that I use:
    By emergence, I mean the fact that proprieties of one scale implies other proprieties by changing scale. This process is called emergence.

    My question :
    Do you have any example of emergence that may be interesting to study?

    For this subject, I'd like:
    - To show mathematically that one theory implies proprieties in another scale.
    - that it has to deal with the term "interaction".
    - And if possible, to make some experiment.

    I hope my question is clear enough (and I'm sorry if I made some mistakes in English, I tried not to...).

    Thanks in advance to all :smile:
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    Thanks for your answer. I already read this, but I'm looking for more specific example.
    For example, it is said that "The laws of classical mechanics can be said to emerge as a limiting case from the rules of quantum mechanics applied to large enough masses": do you have any example of this?
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    I think the implication of emergence is that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Classical mechanics doesn't "emerge" from QM in the same sense .
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    What about temperature and pressure?
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    Andy Resnick

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    "Interesting" is subjective, but a few examples are:

    glass transition
    biological signalling networks
    left-handed/negative refractive index materials
    large-scale coherent structures in turbulent flow
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