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Examples of state functions?

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    I'm curious to find more examples (if they exist) of state functions in thermodynamics other than the internal energy of a gas.

    Is the pressure, volume and temperature of a gas all state functions of the system?
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    State function of a system is in thermodynamics any function that does not depend on the processes undergone by the system but only on the present state. In addition to internal energy are state functions enthalpy H, entropy S, isochoric-isothermic potential F, isobaric-isothermic potential [tex]\Phi[/tex], all of them extensive (mass-dependent, additive) functions; temperature, density, viscosity etc. (I guess also pressure) in a thermodynamic system are intensive (non-additive) state functions.
    (quoted from B.Javorskij, A.Detlaf "Manuale di fisica", translated by myself from Italian)
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