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News Examples of terrorism: 1

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    Was it terrorism when the planes flew into the World Trade Centre?
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    I voted yes, because USA inhabitants were not forewarned againshis attack. It was not a formal attack, such a war declaration of another goverment. If Al Qaeda would send one thousand soldiers to New York like in a formal invasion, then N-Y inhabitants could run away and be prevented. Nobody would be working at that time.
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    I voted Yes, but it is sketchy, as far as I know we're taking it for granted that it was Osama bin Laden that did it, was there any evidence aside from that video tape of him saying it was a good thing?
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    Yes. It was an attack designed to create terror by a small fringe group in order to gain power over another larger more powerful foe.

    This attack was unprovoked, the act of war was undeclared, and the perpetrators were not uniformed, carrying insignia or any other signal of affiliation to mark them as an enemy.
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    Everything here looks fairly factual, except "This attack was unprovoked". That is your opinion. If you claim it is fact, must qualify it better.
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    I think that...
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    Unprovoked is my opinion. In my opinion again I believe they believed that the attack was justified.
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