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News Examples of terrorism: 2

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    Was it terrorism when the Dresden, Tokyo, Hiroshima, and other such cities were bombed?
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    I voted no on this one, only because I don't believe that it fits the dictionary definition of terrorism. It's was not found to be unlawful, it was not gang related, nor do I believe it was "political or religious or ideological in nature".
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    I voted no because all inhabitants of this countries knew their goverment was in war with another country. So that, they were prevented.
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    I voted no
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    I voted yes because it was completely unnecessary to the war, it was purely to scare the soviets.
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    No. In the case of Japan, we were in a declared war, the country was asked to surrender and told that a weapon that would cause immeasurable destruction was going to be used against them. They were warned prior to the attack. Although the cities bombed were populated by a large percentage of civilians, the cities were chosen because of their military importance (manufacturing of military equipment, etc).
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