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Exams are driving me nuts.

  1. May 20, 2007 #1
    Anyone familiar with the term 'living in the library'?

    Because right now I feel like it. It absolutely, completely and utterly sucks. My whole social life is worst than a snails, and even lots of time in revision I can't seem to get through my damn questions in O-chem nor on lindemann mechanism. And I feel cheated how some people can get every question in tutorials right without breaking a sweat, while me I have to work and struggle me arse off to do..well.. absolutely anything at all. *sigh*.

    Just a rant, thats all. Thanks for listening.
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    Hey I know how you feel. My weekdays suck. I work for nine hours a day, then come home, eat a quick dinner, and start studying and working on homework until 3 am, when I finally pass out.

    - Warren
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    :yuck: I will no longer complain about working too much. :bugeye:
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    What? Isn't that all there is in life to live for?
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    Of course, we all are!

    Chroot sleeps in a cot over in Periodicals.

    Evo has a nice place down in Fiction.

    Mk owns a Timeshare down near the microfilm.

    And I hold Bar-B-Q's down in Reference Materials:tongue2:

    What section do you hail from fellow library neighbor?:biggrin:

    Don't worry, exams will be over soon enough. You'll make it!
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    Yeah, exams = stress. The main motivator for me is, i don't want to take that class again!!. Make sure to think about it when you are procrastinating...
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    Math Is Hard

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    What degree are you pursuing, Warren? I can empathize a bit with working long days and going to school, but I don't think my schedule is nearly as harsh as yours. (Although, I gotta say, my weekends get chewed up quite a bit in the research lab, and my bike is rusting in the trunk of my car:frown: )

    Hang in there, baby!
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