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Aerospace Exceed the limit of betz

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    I would like to make a comment on the power factor. It is limited to about 60% from the Betz limit. This law is defined according to the calculation of kinetic energy. This calculation is correct. Large wind turbines are stopped when the wind is too strong. They do not produce too much but they are subject to excessive stresses which can break the blades. For a Darrieus turbine at each turn, the arms have extension and compression stresses. By using a crank-rod system, it is possible to recover additional energy. Theoretically it is possible to have a yield higher than the limit of Betz. The Betz theory doesn't consider the transformation of potential energy into kinetic energy
    See for more information http://www.cyberquebec.ca/normandajc/ https://hal.inria.fr/hal-01300531v2
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    Your comment seems very interesting. Would you explain what you say for the general public? Thanks!
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