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Excel alternative

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    hi are there any good free alternatives to Microsoft excel to do accounts in
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    I'm biased to the Open Office fork LibreOffice
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    Google docs
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    I don't think Google Docs is a great alternative.
    Because it requires you to have an internet connection.

    I'm using LibreOffice aswell.
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    That's not actually the case, you can download it and use it offline. Libre Office is alright, but for me Google Docs is better because the files are much more versatile and are more flexible to be opened by other software. Not only that but sharing is much easier through Google Docs.
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    I'm sorry, I actually did not know you could use Google Docs offline.
    But however I think it remains a matter of preference.
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    No problem. To a certain degree it's preference though it is fact that Google Docs offers more flexibility. Though despite all of this I'm still an Excel fan :)
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    Doug Huffman

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    I use Libre Office under Fedora linux.

    Before I defenestrated from M$, I used Oo_O as an intermediate step. I am struggling to abandon the spread sheet calculation/computation paradigm for IPython interactive documents, but that is another steep learning curve and distraction.
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    Evenus1: What did you mean by "accounts"? If you are thinking accounting, maybe gnucash is what you are looking for.
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