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Excel Headers -> Mathematica

  1. Jul 24, 2012 #1
    Excel Headers --> Mathematica

    I have a large Excel .xls file. Miniature version shown below:

    Test1 Test2
    75 64
    58 85
    81 55
    64 63
    70 94
    88 90
    78 96
    96 98
    54 97
    75 61

    I would like to do some statistical analysis on the file in Mathematica 8.0.4.

    Additionally I am using Mathematica Link for Excel 3.5.

    The issue I'm now attempting to address concerns the "headers," or "column labels."

    I need to tell Mathematica to disregard the headers. I want to use each respective header, however, as the name for the "variable stream" (Mathematica-speak for each column of data.)

    What might be the best ways of dealing with such headers?


    Nicholas Kormanik
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