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Excess group sarcasm

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    I noticed that whenever you are in a group of people, and a topic about drugs, alcohol or party comes up, there is a sudden shift in attitude among people. People tend to switch to a defensive and a very sarcastic mode, desperately trying to justify these notions, (like it's the coolest thing in the world)

    I thought this occurs among the teenagers but as I hang out more with people double my age, I notice the same trend. So wondering if there has been any studies about this kind of behavior or if I'm just over analyzing.
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    Hmm. I'm in over-50 population, and the people with whom I associate do not discuss drugs, alcohol or partying as a something done recreationally. Certainly in university, the subjects did come up, but most people who regularly do drugs, consume alcohol, or party generally grow out of it. Those who don't, don't seem to have limited lives, at least from my observation. Of course, there are exceptions.

    I seldom went to parties as a college student, and I found that those I attended were mostly a waste of time, and generally the socializing was unfulfilling. I prefer quieter and more cerebral activities. I did enjoy get-togethers (dinner parties) with certain friends at the home of couple I knew (my best friend and his girl friend). In fact, that is where I met my wife. The enviroment was much like PF in that we had very interesting discussions on a variety of topics, including various topics on science & technology, current events & world affairs, food & gardening, and music/art. Various participants played instruments, and some were professional musicians.

    Defensiveness could mean that one is being made aware one is doing something that one shouldn't be doing, or it's a reaction to being judged or criticized by another.
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    That's the kind of crowd I prefer too.

    Interesting viewpoint.
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