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Excessive exercising? unhealthy?

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    pretend that i jogg 1 hour every day, is this healthy or unhealthy? i mean does this damage your legs and feet?
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    well.. just to be pedantic, the word "excessive" already implies that it is unhealthy.

    I've heard that sprinting can be quite damaging to your joints, but jugging i'm not so sure. Then again, this is probably damage over a decade.. one hour of mild jogging should keep you fit yet minimise damage.
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    Wear good shoes to absorb the shock. If you can find a padded track or dirt to run on instead of hard pavement, that's better. Or, find a lower impact aerobic exercise than jogging. Jogging can be pretty hard on the knees. 1 hour of aerobic exercise a day isn't excessive, it would be pretty good for you in terms of cardiovascular health, though jogging is one of my least favorite forms of exercise.
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    so what is the conclusion? right now i jogg 30min each day, but i don't find it very helpful. i don't sweat like before and it does not feel anything at all. this reduces my motivation, that is why i want to increase the time.
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    Depending on your goals (if any), more time might not be what you need - faster running (or hills, or some wind sprints) might be what you need. But anyway...

    My sister is a marathon runner. She has rough, caloused, blistered feet, but other than that, she's in extrordinary health. The only other side effect is for a girl, you can stop having your period if you work out too much.

    The negatives like bad knees, bad back, bad ankles only really apply if you are overweight. If you think running 30 min is too easy, that probably doesn't apply to you. Just make sure you stretch and wear good shoes to avoid shin splints and quad pulls and other similar running-related injuries.
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