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Medical Excessive yawning?

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    What is medically wrong with someone when they start constantly yawning several times per minute all day? Could they have developed some kind of life-threatening disorder or disease? If this happens to me does that mean I am likely going to die? Could there be any causes for this which are not life-threatening and easily treatable? I've read that problems with the pressure in your ears can cause an automatic reflex to kick in causing you to yawn. I have had some ear infections recently. Probably caused by me cleaning them with Q-tips.
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    You need to see your doctor. We can't diagnose medical problems here.
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    My Mom yawns all the time, in her case that's reaction to brain hypoxia.

    Go see your doctor while you still can.
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    onset of narcolepsy lol?

    Though it could be just a by-product of a sleep disorder.
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