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Exercise and mind

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    Are there any benefits for the mind from exercise, as well as body, apart from on mood?
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    Excercise will offer an escape from cyclical thinking and unnecessary thoughts... its much like meditation or relaxation therapy. When you must focus on the task at hand (ie: playing hockey)... all other trivial, stressor thoughts tend to receed. (although hockey is a bad example when you consider the number of conflicts)

    Excercise will also offer blood to the brain which it needs a fair amount of at any time of day or night. A person's blood, during excercise, is especially enriched with oxygen... expecially if the excercise takes place out of doors... out of the way of the air conditioner and the flourescent lighting. The oxygen and iron adhereing to the blood are used in cell maintanence, health and produce an overall feeling of well-being for the respective cells and organs of an organism.

    Excercise produces endorphins that dull pain from repetitive motion. It excites epinephren (adrenaline) which, in turn, enhances performance. These excretions are autonomic and occur when the body begins any sudden and reoccuring movements.

    It is thought that a lack of excercise (and the build-up of stressor thoughts that do not lead to action) releases nor-epinephren (amoung many other hormones) which is a hormone associated with stress, fear, anger and immobility. So, at the end of the day, when you see a crowd of office workers leaving their honeycombed palace of employment... you might want to cross to the other side of the street.
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    Studies show that that physical activity promotes enhanced focusing abilities.
    But, I don't quite understand your question. Are you asking whether the excercising of the body helps the mind or vice versa?
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    I was asking the ways in which exercising the body benefits the mind.
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    Why Not?
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    Because I wanted to know..
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    try a google search on "excercise" or "excercise and mind" or "benefits of excercise".
    You will find some interesting facts to consider about your question.

    Thank you.
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    I have been in intense, severe pain for most of the past nine months. One way of relieving the pain is to exercise. My mind feels freer, more open, less aggravated and irritable as a result of the exercise, which makes the pain go away, if only for a while. A specialist could no doubt explain exactly what is going on, but I can assure you, exercise is of great benefit to the mind.
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