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Exercise In Visual Description

  1. Dec 10, 2006 #1
    The task here is to verbally describe an abstract work of art. This is quite difficult and I've always been impressed by the powers of description of art reviewers I encounter here and there in art magazines who seem to be able to verbally characterize a given abstract work.

    In my thread a week or so back asking people to describe a painting to fit a title, Gokul, (and maybe some others) felt the title suggested an abstract work, but describing an abstract work struck him as too difficult and he resorted to illustration. I'm hoping he tackles this one to explore how it can be done, and that other pitch in to raise the bar on him.

    "The Firey Demise Of The Phoenix"

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  3. Dec 11, 2006 #2


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    Perhaps this should rather be called "the fiery demise of the peacock"...
  4. Dec 11, 2006 #3
    Perhaps it should rather be called "Verty Veers Off Topic".
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    That's beautiful! (I mean the picture :smile:)
  6. Dec 11, 2006 #5
    It is a picture of a Phoenix, dying in flames and sowing the seeds of its own rebirth. One presumes this is in protest against the strategy du jour in the war in Iraq.
  7. Dec 11, 2006 #6
    It resembles Persia, in turquoises and desert sands. Ancient myths, from ancient lands, reborn into new generations of fiery purples and greens.
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    It's pretty! Looks like a peacock though. The peacock is on the left, and there is a mallard duck on the right. They have spotted each other, there is an initial attraction, unfortunately, their parents will never approve of a mixed marriage. There is pain and yearning...:frown:
  9. Dec 11, 2006 #8
    You are completely evading the challenge of describing what you see. No soup for you.
    You are the closest so far to actually describing it, simply because you've noted actual colors that are in it.
    You have treated it like a rohrschach test and in interpreting this bizarre scenario out of it, revealed dark psychological secrets about yourself that I may or may not decide to share with the others.

    The point is to describe what you physically see in front of you, not to present an interpretation. You need to muster your vocabularies for form, color, lines, textures, etc.
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    I see a colourful feathered creature that appears to be melting and its feathers becoming flames which create a vague depiction of another colourful bird with its wings spread. Forgive my lack of descriptive talent I'm not into art as much as yourself zoob.
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    Upon closer look, the mallard is attempting to bite the peacock's plummage with an altogether too happy look on it's face. :bugeye:

    Oh wait, the peacock is breathing flames out of it's mouth. :surprised

    You could sell prints of your work zooby, they're that good.
  12. Dec 11, 2006 #11
    What's the signifigance of the yellow banana? Don't tell me you didn't see the yellow banana.

    Actually, we could do this now. There is an online service where any artist can upload any image and people can order prints of any image that is on display there. They cost about 25 dollars. The artists get about $4.00 per print sold.
  13. Dec 11, 2006 #12


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    You mean the summer squash next to the japanese aubergine? I thought it was part of their picnic lunch.

    I guess that's fair, depending on the paper and printing quality offered, I haven't looked into it.
  14. Dec 11, 2006 #13


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    It seems to me that the artist has created the vision of the post-apocalyptic halo surrounding the subject. While there is a nervous, sinister facade to the work, a more concentrated study leads to the viewer to empathise with the artist's portrayal of an eternal hope, held within the expressions surrounding the bird.
  15. Dec 11, 2006 #14
    I...I...I guess I can't fool you.

    I guess that's fair, depending on the paper and printing quality offered, I haven't looked into it.[/QUOTE]
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  17. Dec 11, 2006 #16
    The nervous/sinister facade is due to the fact I used a soon-to-be Christmas turkey as the model for the Phoenix. He was nervous because he found me sinister. He would not stand still. I could only capture various parts of him before he moved. The original title was: "Grab Bag Of Turkey Parts". The eternal hope you see is simply a collateral projection on the part of the artist, who is hoping for a blonde dressed in a fur trimmed bikini and Santa cap for Christmas. This is clearly alluded to in the red and green shapes visible in the upper left corner. Those are Christmas colors. She tends to the summer squash as we enjoy a nice yule fire in the hearth.

    So, yeah, I think I will have to rename it "Verty Veers Off Topic".
  18. Dec 11, 2006 #17
    Um...summer squash?

    Thanks, Evo. That's encouraging to hear.
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