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Medical Exercise induced asthma

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    As it is right now, I'm fairly certain I have E.I.A.
    I've setup an appointment with my doctor but the soonest I could get one was 2 weeks from now, so I've been trying to further educate myself on it so I could go in with a little bit better of an idea of what I think I have.

    At first I thought it was just me being out of shape, but after talking with people about how when I run for ~3 minutes outside I feel like my lungs are about to explode with the effect of being out of breath for between 30 minutes and an hour afterwards, my thoughts on it have changed.

    Thing is, I only get the "breathlessness" to last so long when I run outside. Which from what I've read up on is because of the air you bring in not being normalized in temp when it's brought in through the mouth opposed to the nostrils.
    But even while running indoors, I have terrible endurance as in(can only run/maintain a jogging pace for 6 minutes at best) at that point I'm tired, but given 2 minutes of rest I'm ready to startup again.

    What I'm wondering, is that let's say my doctor agrees and prescribes whatever inhaler/aid for it, will it help my ability to run for prolonged periods of time indoors? Or is that just a sign of how out of shape I am, while the inhaler will only help with the times where I feel out of breathe after being outside.

    Thanks in advance, it's just been really bothering me lately about how I've always struggled to make any progress in terms of cardio when the problem could have been something shared between my siblings that I just never thought of before.
    If it has any relevance I weigh 140 lbs @ 5'10, 17 y/o
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    Those are good questions, but they're best answered by your doctor.
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    We can't give advice about your health issues. It's good that you are going to the doctor. Hope it all turns out well.
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