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Exercise on composites please. this is going to be in my exam

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    Exercise on composites << please. this is going to be in my exam!!!!!

    PLEASE. I really need this! (im preparing the course by myself and have no one to ask to!!!!

    a hose in a high-pressure water-jet cleaning system is to be made of a glass-reinforced polyethylene composite material,with continious fibers (Vf=0.4) orientated in the hoop direction. The hose has a external diametre of 20 mm and a wall thickness of 2mm. The water pressure during operation is 10 MPa. Calculate the percentage increases in lenght and diametre of thehose when it is pressurized

    I did that and I got that the hoop stress was 50 MPa and the axial one 25 Mpa. The strain in length due to axial stress is 1.68% and in the diametre 0.16%.

    Estimate the stress level in the glass fibers when the hose is under pressure

    this is what I don't get!!!! I got aprox 150 Mpa but it's wrong.
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