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Exhausted by handshakes

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    Two football teams, both with an offense, defense and special team of eleven players each, exchange handshakes exhaustively between themselves. How many handshakes are applied overall?
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    Do the team members only shake hands with members of the other team? Or do the "sub-teams" (offensive/defensive/special) teams on the same team also shake hands? And do people on the same, say, offensive team shake hands with each other? I guess I'm puzzled as to why it matters that there are sub-teams unless there's some significance to them, but it seems not to specify any significance in the problem as stated?

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    They spank their own teammates.:wink:

    I included sub-teams to explain the total overall number on a team (33).

    I am reminded of youth leagues where it seems every player on one team is required to shake hands with every player on the other team.

    I failed to explain specifically that the sport in question is American football.
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    Ok, so each person ONLY shakes hands with people that are members of the other team, and NOT with people on their own team.

    In that case, there should be 33^2 (1089) handshakes.

    If they each shake hands with everyone EXCEPT people from their own subteam, then 1815 handshakes total.

    And if they each shake hands with everyone else, then 2145 handshakes.

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