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Existence and Relativity

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    It is true in Relativity that is it impossible to enihilate matter or energy to the extent that it would not come back again in some other form of information.

    Where did Life on Earth come from? It is also true to relativity that there is always cause to an action. (Action/Reaction) The earth did not come from nothing, and most likely came from not the big bang directly, but of a super nova or an end of a different existence. Life forms, organisms, are made up of materials that are 5 billion years old, and they had to come from something as well.

    Reference and reason. You cannot make any reference time and space. It is like a canvas. Imagine if you will, a blank canvas. There are no points on this canvas (it could very well be boundless, infinite, whatever you can imagine), but then you mark, plot a point on it. What do you have to reference this point? If the canvas has boundaries, it will have 2 coordinates (X, Y). However, if it does not, then there is really no way to reference the point. Now let's plot another point. We can reference these two points, drawing the nearest straight line between them. These two points can now be referenced, not by the canvas, but by how far the two points are away from each other (If the canvas is boundless or infinite, the line would be finite, but the measurement of the line would be an unknown unless you call it the 'unit of distance between these two points'). To reason, you must have plots that are measurable. The moon to the earth, a meteorite crashing to the earth. They all need points (referenced by other points) to have any reason.

    Existing?.. When we die we will not observe time or space. We will not know our decay. We will have no observation upon the universe, though we will still be in it. Perhaps, and maybe perhaps, from the paragraph of Life on Earth, we will return again as a conscious body, an observer.. and this would be the next placement we have any notion of Time. Until then, billions of years could go by, could travel billions of miles, we wouldn't know.

    I am mostly talking out of my ... but just a few concepts to be questioned and argued.
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    Whether we die or not can be viewed relativistically as well.

    Likewise, words and concepts can be viewed relativistically.
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    first of all, congratulations, you figured out relativity, heh.

    well i have nothing to discuss with you, except i agree on all points you said..
    relativity can be applied to everything really, as long as you think it through.
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    I'm probably mistaken here but....in a black hole doesn't mass convert into energy (I hope my wording there is right) by means of what is predicted by E=mc2? Is it not also true that the energy from the black hole is emitted as the blackhole evaporates? Isn't that a form of information as well?
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    I accidentally put is before it in that statement you quoted from me.. I wasn't asking a question I was stating that 'it is' not 'is it' impossible to enhilate energy and matter to the extent it will not come back in some other form of information. I don't fully understand blackholes, nor does anyone for that matter, nor is it clear that they truely exist. Hawking speaks of a thermal radiation that 'comes off' of a blackhole and that a blackhole loses its mass due to anti-particles. I am pretty sure though, to my line of thought, that if blackholes do exist, they couldn't possibly destroy all 'information' that goes into it, correlate with its consumption, and then destroy itself.
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    Sorry, I don't know much about blackholes, but is correlation the term used when blackholes implode?
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    It would correlate with the consumption of anti-particles I think but I don't know much about blackholes either..
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    two topics with the same name, lets continue the discussion here:

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