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Existence = Illusion

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  1. Sep 2, 2006 #1
    I would be glad to know your point of view on the following idea of mine :smile: , I'll be happy to have links for or against this idea.
    Thankyou for giving the time

    Whenever I start thinking about the existence of the universe, I end up with the same answers… at first it was very puzzling for me but later I found no other way to explain the existence. The results tell me that the existence of the universe is relative to nothing, while we find everything being relative to something in math, physics... So what about existence, if existence is not relative to anything and that existence exists due to nothing, Life & in general existence is an illusion… The following is to explain how I came up with this;

    Let’s say you were provided with a paper and all colors needed for drawing, now you were asked to draw the room you are in… but does the room really look like that? Simply no, we see our surrounding completely different from what it really is because of our brain, When the light is reflected back from something it’s energy level (spectra) changes and when the reflected light enters our eyes and converted to nerve impulses (electric impulse of a specific frequency) is transported to the brain, that specific frequency would have a specific meaning for OUR brains, which varies for different organisms, like we see the sky blue but a dog would see it as grey…
    In other words we can’t draw the real room, we can’t even recognize the real distances between two objects, we can draw the room relative to our brain & not the room as it is... this is simply accepted by the laws of physics and math. Now when it comes to the laws of physics and math, they are relative to our universe, and on the other hand we don’t see the universe as it is, say for example gravity; Newtonian gravity and G.R of Einstein have absolutely different approaches to the universe, though they have a little bit difference in their results but still explain the gravitational effects but up to an extend & that these modules are not able to explain what the gravity really is, In a sense we can explain the gravity in many different ways because we make our modules for the answers we already have. Hence the laws of the physics & math are relative to our observations and not real…
    So when it comes to existence being relative, I find it being relative to nothing, because whatever we think about is within the universal set of existence ( except the spiritual powers )... So existence is relative to nothing and accordingly I find it as an ILLUSION hence everything is possible in this universe.

    We can explain the heaven & hell where man has an infinite life, the Day of Judgment and the reason for supernatural things which has happened on the earth like all those mentioned in the holy books, by using this idea because life is an illusion so anything can happen…
    Let’s take an example of a pilot, when he is being trained for the first time, he is never taken to a real plane but a simulator, when he passes and shows that he has the required skills, he is taken to a real plane. To me it seems like what the god (or whatever you might want to name, Logic, Nature, The ultimate power…) is doing to us. We are being trained in this universe which just looks like the one after death (but not absolutely the same)… It is mentioned that in heaven/hell everyone will be of the same age and will remain the same till eternity and beyond, No one will be in the hell for ever and so on… When a student has done something wrong he/she is given a punishment either standing for some minutes or writing something several times but the punishment is not forever…

    To conclude I think we are waiting for the real existence and we are in this world to learn & that is the point of life in this universe.
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    That's a pretty optimistic conclusion.
  4. Sep 3, 2006 #3
    what do you mean -job- ? :)
  5. Sep 6, 2006 #4
    Our own existence

    Let me interject a question: How do we know that other people exist around us? Are we alone in the test drive? Is the test drive real or deceptive?
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    Don't bother to create large philosophies upon silly religious dogmas.
    The silliness of the whole thing prevails, however large the "philosophy" is.
  7. Sep 7, 2006 #6
    Well thinker, The answer is simple, The people around us are themselves part of this illusion but real just like a multiplayer computer game which is operated on the internet, The other person might be on the other side of the planet but plays with you through the network. Hence a network is playing the role, when it comes to the driving test, it's an illusion but within the area of the network...
  8. Sep 7, 2006 #7
    So in other words the mind is outside of the physical realm.

    If we equate the internet to the physical world.
  9. Sep 7, 2006 #8
    Interesting idea. I, too, have had similar ideas to this. Be this an illusion, an alternate world or a test, I believe this is not the world we will be living in after death.
  10. Sep 9, 2006 #9
    Count Tolstoy spent much of the latter part of his life searching for the meaning of existence. For someone who had everything in life - fame, fortune, family, freedom - he wanted more; he wanted to know why. He studied all the sciences and philosophy, as well as the great religions of the world. He consulted the greatest teachers, scientists, philosophers and theologians, but he could not find none to give any answer to the simple question of existence. All that anyone could tell him was that man and the universe exists, but that there was no explanation for it. For many years he searched for an answer, but no matter how he posed the question, it all came back to the point that life was meaningless; and he knew no more than he knew before. Then, in the end, he found faith, and in faith the hope that life was not meaningless. See Leo Tolstoy, A Confession and Other Religious Writings (1879-82).

    In 1901, Tolstoy was excommunicated from the church by the Russian Synod and placed on a watch list of subversives by the Czar’s government.
  11. Sep 9, 2006 #10
    Very intresting o.lismahago, Yes octelcogopod thats what i meant...

    Actually I'm new in phillosophy and as I'm a high school student I have no idea of philosophy... so I'll be thankfull if you can provide me with a background about the reality (based on what I think)... Is such idea used in philosophy???
  12. Sep 11, 2006 #11
    I kinda see where you are coming from but I think the real illusion in reality rest in the fact that reality APPEARS fragmented to us when the whole universe is actually an unbroken whole
  13. Sep 11, 2006 #12
    I think someone saw the Martix.
  14. Sep 13, 2006 #13
    RAD4921 can you please explain it much more clear, :)
  15. Sep 13, 2006 #14
    Existence is a word (noun)

    Illusion is a word (noun)

    "Illusion" suggests experiencing a deception.

    "Existence" suggests experiencing truth.
  16. Sep 14, 2006 #15
    Well i think existence is useless and we're all just wasting our time...
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