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Existence of eigenfrequencies

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    in waves and oscillations i read that any bounded medium oscillates in a particular freuency...why is it so?i need a proper reason for this
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    Please post your questions in new threads, not in existing threads about other topics. I splitted the thread.

    Two arguments:
    - you can perform a Fourier transformation on any oscillation, and you get a set of some resonance frequencies.
    - every oscillation returns to its initial state eventually (not exactly true, but good enough here). Afterwards, it just repeats again and again, if you neglect damping.
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    what gives rise to these oscillations?thermal energy of constituting particles....?I guess.
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    This may indicate that there is some confusion regarding the meaning of
    "any bounded medium oscillates in a particular frequency"

    "Oscillates" here does not mean that it spontaneously oscillates.
    If you "excite" the medium somehow, this will induce oscillations (or waves).
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