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Exited states configuration

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    Litium has a structure


    What is the first exited state of litium?

    I have some doubt? I think that it is


    Is it correct or maybe


    Why I'm in problem. Because wave function of hydrogen atom depends of three quantum numbers
    [tex]\psi_{n,l,m}[/tex] but energy depends only of one quantum number [tex]E_n[/tex]. So we have degeneration. In this logic it's need to be [tex]1s^23p^1[/tex]. But I don't have hydrogen I have litium, so must be some ecranisation and of course Hund rule [tex]s[/tex] and [tex]p[/tex] orbitals have different energy. And I can say that

    [tex]E_{n,l}=-13,6eV\frac{1}{(n-\Delta l)^2}[/tex]

    Thanks for your answer!
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