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B Exiting wormhole prematurely

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    Suppose there was a wormhole connecting two points in space A and B.
    Your ship enters at A.
    Half way through journey inside the tunnel, your ship suddenly makes a sharp right turn and penetrates the wall of the tunnel and leaves the wormhole -failing to complete the full journey to point B
    Where would your ship end up?
    Outside the universe, another part of the universe, or the void, whatever this may be?
    Interestingly, when your ship exits through the wall of the wormhole tunnel, and it does end up in another part of the universe, would it just appear out of nowhere?
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    I don't think there is anything such as a wall when going through a wormhole. It's not a passageway or corridor, physics would probably work differently. I think you would just end up leaving the wormhole and reach Point B. Space would curve around and send you back on your path.

    These are my thoughts, I'm not sure about the scientific basis of wormholes. Anybody available to help?
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    An inexperienced teen here, chipping in his 2 cents on the matter.

    No idea on any numbers or figures I could put behind this kind of thing, but the most plausible thing is that either
    A: The travel through the wormhole would be faster than your ship can 'make a sharp right turn'.
    B: Forces inside of the wormhole would keep it moving towards the exit- your ship wouldn't be allowed to gain any acceleration any direction besides towards the exit.
    C: The interior of a wormhole wouldn't rip. Why would it? That's similar to saying 'I'm gonna run straight into space with this ship, and if I rip through the fabric of the universe, where would the ship be?' But maybe wormholes are different-

    If this was the case though- the situation you described, that is; I'd imagine you'd be stuck in some sort of limbo, unable to ever make it back to our spacetime. I'm not sure how the properties of such a plane would work, though.

    Of course, this is all just a kid saying this, so take my word with a grain (heap) of salt. It's just what I think'd happen.
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    It can't. The wormhole doesn't have a "wall"; the common terminology that describes it as a "tunnel" is misleading, as are diagrams that show a wormhole as like a tunnel between two flat regions. It's not like a tunnel through the Earth. It's not like anything you can easily visualize.

    If you are inside the wormhole and your ship changes direction, all that will happen is that it will come out of the other mouth of the wormhole in a different direction. (Unless it changes direction enough that it goes back out the same mouth that it came in.) Basically, inside the wormhole, every spatial direction leads outward through one of the two mouths; there are no "sideways" directions. I realize this is not how your intuition says "space" works; that's why I said a wormhole is not like anything you can easily visualize. But the math describing wormholes is quite clear, and it says what I just described.
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    And this is why I still use this forum.
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