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Exo Planets

  1. Jan 21, 2008 #1
    Was wondering if anyone has any good references on exo planets, how their data is listed, a compilation of any relevant information.
    Much appreciated.
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    here is a catalog
    this has a table that lists things like the period, the semimajor axis a (in AU), the mass in Jupiters, the eccentricity of orbit e, and so on
    if you have any questions about some information listed please ask

    the website itself has a lot more information

    including telling about a specialized search for ROCKY planets, that is in the works

    Geoff Marcy, one of the chief hunters, is behind this site


    there is also this EUROPEAN site
    it also has a catalog of the exoplanets that have been discovered

    Jean Schneider is one of the people in charge. IIRC Marcy's San Francisco team and Schneider's Geneva-Paris team were about equally early in reporting the first exoplanets. They have been running sort of neck and neck since then, for over ten years now

    there is also a Wikipedia listing, but I would try exoplanets.org first because it is the scientists own website.
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    Catalog of Nearby Exoplanets
    Authors: R. P. Butler, J. T. Wright, G. W. Marcy, D. A Fischer, S. S. Vogt, C. G. Tinney, H. R. A. Jones, B. D. Carter, J. A. Johnson, C. McCarthy, A. J. Penny
    (Submitted on 21 Jul 2006)




    NASA's Spitzer First to Crack Open Light of Faraway Worlds

    Navigator Program Science Overview
    Submitted to the NASA-NSF ExoPlanet Task Force, 2 April 2007
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    Hey I was searching for the same thing, thanks all those who posted :D
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