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I Exoplanet climate

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    Is it possible for planets to have multiple liquid layers? Like a ocean made of water, with an ocean within, consisting of a heavier liquid. And could it have a sirculation, as water does on Earth?
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    Absolutely. It all depends on the pressure and temperature. As the Phase Diagram of Water below indicates:

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    Earth does. It has molten rock layer.
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    Earth even has lakes and rivers of brine deep under miles of ocean.

    The gas giants should have multiple layers. Jupiter certainly does.
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    Look closer at the Phase Diagram of Water, above. Ice XII, Ice X, and Ice Xi can be
    solid - above the normal boiling point of water!

    You could move a planet such as Jupiter, when moved
    down to the orbit of Venus - and it still have all water present as
    Ice ... if the atmospheric pressure is
    high enough.
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    stefan r

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    Has been demonstrated by Exxon and BP. Hydrocarbon lakes or oceans will float on water oceans. You could have a water lake the bottom of a hydrocarbon ocean. You can also have CO2 under water if the pressure is high enough. Lake Nyos is an example on Earth.

    Why would multi-layer oceans circulate less than a shallow oceans? Submarine CO2 oceans could have violent eruptions.
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