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Exotic matter

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    Am I right in saying that exotic matter or energy is responsible for the accelerating expansion of the universe? If so, would that mean that it's getting further and further away from us?

    Could a civilization in the future somehow get their hands on exotic (or dark, or negative) matter, either by harvesting it or creating it in a lab?

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    scientists have already made samples of in anti-hydrogen so exotic matter such as antimatter and things of that nature can survive an can be produced in our universe the only problem is that simple of anti-hydrogen could only survive one billion of the second so we would need a more efficient way of keeping and containing it because it antimatter would just go through a known material thats where electromagnetism comes in
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    Exotic matter, defined by its negative energy density, is not the same as antimatter (which has a positive energy density). We don't know what exotic matter might be made of. It has been postulated as a way of stablizing wormhole throats, allowing them to become (in theory) traversable. If an advanced civilization could create and control exotic matter, it's "possible" that it could be used for this purpose (if they could first create or locate a wormhole!).

    To answer the original poster: it could be seen as a culprit for cosmic acceleration, but who knows. Dark energy / exotic matter / cosmological constant. Choose your poison!
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