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Exotic Pets

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    Does anyone here know how to find out if a certain pet is legal or not in your area (or rather, in my area, that begin Edmonton, Alberta, Canada)? I've thought about getting turtles, but I know that many places have restrictions, and was wondering if anyone knows a good resource to find out if something is allowed to be kept or not?
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    Your city would have that information.
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    hypatia's right. Your country, province, etc may have laws regarding exotic pets, but the most restrictive regulations are likely to be applied at the local level. Your city cannot rescind regulations applied at a higher level, but they can certainly add more restrictive ones.
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    I know that, I was wondering if you know precisely where I would go to find out precisely what those regulations are?
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    You could try calling/visiting the Edmonton Humane Society or the Edmonton City Pound, they would probably know what you need to find out or would at least be able to tell you where to go. Even just a pet store might know.
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    I don't know how it's done in Canada, but here in the US, cities and even some small towns have animal control officers. They are the ones who enforce the rules about what you can and cannot have as pets, and they should have access to all the information you need.
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    In Alberta, you have to license dogs, right? (Maybe cats too??) If so, whatever office issues those licenses would likely be a good starting place to ask.

    If the other recommendations above run into dead ends, another place you could try calling is a zoo, maybe talk specifically to the herpetologists. Zoos should know about any restrictions because they'd need to apply for permits to keep the animals they have, and would have an interest in helping educate people about not adopting illegal pets. They'd also know what species people contact them about trying to find new homes for when they outgrow their ability to care for them.

    One thing to keep in mind about turtles is that some species can have very long lifespans, which is good in terms of not having to go through the grief of pets dying every few years, but can be bad if they outlive you and you need to make arrangements for someone to care for an animal that's much harder to place than a cat or dog.
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    Thanks, I've been trying to find information online, but haven't been able to find anything. I'll try to figure out where the dog/cat licenses are issued from, and/or check at the zoo.
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    These are the people who can help you.

    Animal Services
    12515 128 Street
    Edmonton, AB T5L 1C9
    Phone: (780) 496-8860
    Fax: (780) 496-8824
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