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Expanable Content Box

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    I posted in the programming forum.. Not sure if that was the right place. But this script I am using that I got from fooble confuses me. The first box acts how its suppose to but the other 2 don't collapse properly or causes the first box to act different than how its suppose to.

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    If there is an easier way to implement this sort of design please feel free to tell me. I was wondering if you could make one using css but probably not.
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    Well, first of all, you have two body tags. Second of all, the second body tag is not within an html tag, and third when you added the second box you didn't change its id to be different then the first box (two elements with the same ID is bad).

    Correct the html structure of the document, then replace every exp1159471379 that you find with exp1159471380, for example.
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    I am sorry that I posted the wrong code there.. I had updated one that I named differently. The exp works and makes sense.. I don't know why I didn't see it till you helped me. Thanks alot ^_^
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