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Expand knowledge in Physics

  1. Feb 10, 2013 #1
    Hey forum ,
    I was looking desperately for methods to broaden my knowledge of physics in all it's domains . I mean I do fairly well in Material I learn ( Textbook Physics) and I have a fairly solid foundation but I'd like to know more about different areas of physics and not just a vague idea about it but deep intuition . If you guys have suggestions for books , websites , basically anything that can help then please please post it in your comments.
    I really feel like I need to do this
    Thanks ,
    Dr Photon.
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  3. Feb 10, 2013 #2

    And yes you guys may say "why don't you search for it DrPhoton?" I mean sure I can do that but I want new information to be presented to me to a certain extent and from there on I could take over and do my own search and Im doing First year physics FYI. and eg of things I'd like to deepen my understanding in : string theory , multiverses , astrophysics , the quantum realm and other things which I may not well be aware of as yet
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    the best thing you could do is to go and learn/read all the papers science has to offer in the subject to this day and then when you have some things you can't understand or find strange then post deep questions about them, just asking for even the most intelligent of among scientists to tell you everything there has been found at all these subjects is crazy , there are so many aspects to science and laws and things one would have to spend like a year trying to just get them all together.

    Maybe it would be wise to pick an area which you like most and then dig deeper in that field instead of trying to know everything about everything and in the end of the day overloading yourself with all the formulas and theories both proven and pending and then forgetting it all.
    Those times when every man of science could know pretty much everything about the current level of knowledge in other areas are long over today we have too much in each area of research for one person to know it all that's why each one of us are a specialist in his particular area with only overall knowledge in the other fields I guess.
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  5. Feb 10, 2013 #4
    THanks for the reply .. ANy idea where I could go about getting a great deal of these papers or a list of them so to speak?
  6. Feb 10, 2013 #5
    depends on what type of person you are , you can use the internet sites like google for keywords and find many many things but remember that when using the internet you first have to double check sites like wikipedia as they are not always that accurate on what they write about especially when it comes to complicated matters like quantum sciences , QED, QM etc.
    Also it is good that when you search the internet or read forums you have a some sort of knowledge yourself to see if some information is or could be wrong or contradicts itself.
    I would rather ask a professor or teacher and try to find a good local library and then take some well written and tested books on every subject you would have interest in. The internet is more for expanding your knowledge and questions and discussions the basics it is better to learn by a book or a secure and trustful source of information and because there are so many scammers on the internet that source still is books.You know everyone can write a blog or whatnot but not everyone can write a book that is review by people who know things and write papers themselves.

    If you want to know what kind of books those could be then I think someone else here could have a more profound opinion on that.
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