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Homework Help: Expanding surface of sphere

  1. Aug 26, 2007 #1
    a spherical balloon expands when it is taken from the cold outdoors to the inside of a warm house. if its surface area increases 19.4%, by what percentage does the radius of the balloon change?

    I've tried this several times but im not sure how to go about beginning the work
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    If I were doing this problem,
    I would write down quantities with labels like:

    for the volume of the ball before...
    and, similarly, for "after".
    They can be compared by taking the ratio:
    [tex]\frac{ V_{after} }{V_{before} }[/tex].

    How would you use this strategy with your particular problem?

    What does "increases 19.4%" mean in terms of a ratio?
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    The increase in 19.4% means the difference between the new surface area and the original or we could write it as:

    4(pi)R^2-4(pi)r^2 where R is the new(larger) radius and r the original radius

    We also know that increase percentage is calculated on the original value which happens to be 4(pi)r^2.

    Hence, {4(pi)R^2-4(pi)r^2}/4(pi)r^2 *100=19.4

    Evaluate this and then find the relation only in terms of the ratio of the difference in radius to the original radius...
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    For this type of problem, it's more efficient to think in ratios of radii, rather than difference in radii.
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