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Expanding Universe

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    Does gravity create a wake in subspace? If so would this wake produce a undetectable energy source or negative pressure in subspace which would indirectly lead to the expansion of all atoms in normal space that sit upon it?

    If the universe's expansion is accelerating then could this be because after the initial big bang (a few million-billion years later) there were more distorting gravity forces (stars, black holes, etc...) which would produce more of the wake effect then less distorting gravity forces (gas clouds) which would have existed earlier?

    Could this be dark energy?

    You may think that this post is hilarious, as I know little of physics, but I thought I'd throw it out there and see if its complete garbage.
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    I'm sorry but your question doesn't make any sense. "Subspace" may be a term tossed around in science fiction, but this does not equate to real physics.
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